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Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular. With decks, patios, gazebos, and porches turned into additional living spaces it’s no wonder that people want to be able to listen to music outside.

When setting up your outdoor living space some of the most important aspects to consider are the speakers. The best outdoor speakers are those that not only sound good, but also look good and are able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Of course, there are many choices to pick from so you’ll want to learn as much as you can before you make this important decision.

Our Selection of The Top Ten Best Outdoor Speakers

Weight (lbs)
Price ($)
Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers Set1430060 - 20281.00844.6
Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speakers1120040 - 30230.00714.8
OSD Audio RX550 2-Way Outdoor Rock Speakers1210060 - 2077.00694.6
Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers98075 - 25119.003564.6
TIC GS-3 Omnispeaker1020045 - 2071.00714.7
Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way812080 - 4069.006374.6
Polk Audio Atrium 6 1612550 - 27399.00334.7
Audiovox Acoustic Research AWS53S6540 - 1559.001744.0
Bose Free Space 512210050 - 20449.00364.7
Klipsch AWR650SM2720066 - 20268.00105.0

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What To Look For In Good Outdoor Speakers

Consider The Physical Size

Speakers come in a wide range of sizes. When it comes to the best outdoor speakers, smaller isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes the best quality and durability comes in a slightly larger package. Don’t let size fool you. Most speakers are sized within a few inches of each other so don’t worry too much.

However, don’t forget to measure the space where you’ll be installing them so you can be sure they will fit properly. When thinking about size, you’ll also want to look at weight. The best outdoor speakers may weigh up to about 12 pounds each because they house the components in a weatherproof outer casing.

Determine The Installation Location

Think about where you’ll be installing the speakers and take some measurements of the area. Some speakers can be wall or ceiling mounted while others need to be placed on a shelf. There's a wide vaiety of wireless outdoor speakers on the market that can be moved around, but your choice of speaker may still be influenced by the specific place where you intend to install them.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have access to the indoors for purposes of running speaker wire to the receiver or music source. If necessary you may need to mount a shelf where the speakers can be placed.

Some of the best outdoor speakers can be mounted directly to the wall, making installation a breeze. Look for a location that will be as sheltered from the weather as possible while still offering good sound range to the seating area. A good place to install speakers may be under the eaves of the home where they will be somewhat protected from the elements.

Insist on Great Sound Quality

Quality is of utmost importance when choosing the best outdoor speakers. Going through the trouble of purchasing and installing speakers shouldn’t be ruined by suffering with inferior sound quality. Once the speakers are in place it may be difficult or costly to change. Therefore, it’s necessary to review the spekaer sound quality before making a purchase. One good way to do this is to read reviews from other who are already using them.

While you need to stay within your allotted budget, you’ll also want to be sure that you get the best possible speakers you can afford. Because an outdoor location is not enclosed you’ll lose much of the sound unless you opt for high quality speakers. Look for speakers that have are rated highly for sound. Keep in mind that you may need to spend a little more money to get the best quality but the sound will definitely be worth it.

Choose Durability

Since the main use will be to provide sound outside, the best outdoor speakers are often those that are durable. Look for speakers that are made to last, even under the harshest of circumstances. Even when mounted in a sheltered locale, speakers will have to endure plenty of heat, rain, and cold temperatures that you won’t be able to control.

A thick outer cover will help to ensure that the speakers will last a long time. You certainly don’t want to have to keep changing out the speakers due to damage. Once in place the speakers should hold up without any further work.

Check the Specs for the Best Outdoor Speakers

When you want to purchase the best outdoor speakers you will need to review the technical specifications and make comparisons. Even if you don’t know too much about speakers you can compare the basic features. These include:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Driver Configuration
  • Frequency Response Curve
  • Audio Sensitivity
  • Peak Power Handling
  • Impedance

Once you review these specs you can more easily see the best outdoor speakers for you. Sound quality of the lows, mid-tones, and bass will ensure that you’ll get good sound from all types of music. Versatility is important because you’ll likely be playing quite a variety of different music outdoors.

To get the most use out of the sound system, opt for speakers that are the best quality that you can afford. Speakers are generally available in black or white so you can purchase the color that blends best with your home’s exterior appearance.

Installation Options

Choose speakers that are easy to install. Most speakers will need to be connected via special audio wire. The specs for each speaker will often indicate the optimal choice. You don’t need to be very technically oriented to install speakers yourself, but if you prefer you can call in an expert to place, install, and test them. Place the speakers in position temporarily so you can listen to the sound and make adjustments before they are permanently installed.

The best outdoor speakers offer full 360 degree rotation so you can aim them in a different direction if needed. For example, you can direct the speakers towards the pool when you’re swimming or toward the deck when you’re having a barbeque.


Finding the best outdoor speakers doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow the easy tips outlined above and you’ll end up with speakers that are perfect for your outdoor space. You don’t even need to leave home to make a purchase. Reviewing specs, looking at features, and making comparisons can all be done from your own computer.

Utilize testimonials from people who have already purchase speakers to help you learn the pros and cons of each unit. Make sure the speakers you choose are made for your area’s particular weather conditions. Install the speakers according to manufacturer’s recommendations so they will provide the best possible performance.

The Top Five Best Selling Outdoor Speakers:

Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Speaker 1. Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker

The Klipsch AWR650SM not only blends in perfectly with its surroundings, but offer great quality, durability and sound at a very affordable price. This is our number one pick in the range of outdoor rock speakers.

Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker 2. Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speakers

With its clean & modern design the Definitive Technology AW6500 wall mounted outdoor speakers provide the perfect balance between look and function. It's proven to be durable and delivers clear highs, full mids and strong bass.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speakers 3. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

The Polk brand is well known and trusted in outdoor speaker circles and for good reason. Speakers like the Audio Atrium 4 provide a combination of durability, look and sound unmatched in its price class.

TIC Outdoor In Ground Speaker 4. TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

The TIC GS-3 150 tops our list of 360-degree omnidirectional In-Ground speakers with a full range of 38Hz to 22,000Hz, easy installation and impressive build. Not only for amusement parks anymore.

Niles RS6 6 Inch 2 Speaker 5. Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker

The Nile RS6 is only a short head behind the Klipsch AWR650SM when it comes to outdoor rock speakers. It's easy to install, provides crisp sound and blends in with most outdoor garden areas. It struggles with too much bass, but for it's price, is a good alternative for the more expensive Klipsch.